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Greetings and welcome to my website.

I'm a self-taught independent artist. My main passion, focus and joy is improvising and composing instrumental music (mh, mathango).
I am using a combination of classic sound instruments (piano, bass, drums, strings,...) with technology (synths, VSTs, effects, looper, NI maschine,...) to reach my own unique sound and style. You can expect a mixture of instruments and genres such as jazz, rock, pop, electronica, minimalist, neo-classical,... and solo piano tracks, too.
Also, I find interest in other important music processes from recording, arranging, mixing, mastering, design artwork, to releasing and promoting. I am still learning, but acquiring these knowledge give me more and more freedom for me to enjoy and have more independency in my creativity.
My another creative passion is visual art.
Oil painting (without practice) is more of an improvised meditation, mostly inspired by nature, It brings me the most joy and relaxation from the improvisation of my artwork (longest time of paint was 32 hours non-stop) . When I fall into creativity I lose my sense of time :)
Graphics, pictures blend and videos are more frequent, because I use it for my music, for Livingroom Trio and for promotion as well. Each creation teaches me a new unique lesson and improves my experiences, skills and imagination.
I'm member of Livingroom Trio band with my friends.
Thank you for your time and I hope you find something interesting and pleasing when you looking through my website.
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